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HealthyNuLiving represents a 'New Beginning' for the Affiliate Marketer who wants to take his or her current business to the highest level.

This is the opportunity for Guanin to raise $10,000 monthly, to cover the expenses for the Medical Clinic UNAP la Piedra and the Center.

You are involved with, you will always need two things:


1) Effective, easy-to-use business-building Tools, Systems and Training and...
2) need a steady cashflow to effectively reach the best prospects for your business

As part of the FOUNDATION of what will be an amazing adventure, we have the rare opportunity NOW to build not one but two income sources like no other ever seen before. This is where you want to be before the masses discover what you've just found

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in this link and Join us


Guanin members and family
We share and we all make dinero!

Residual Infinity Bonus

The Power Leg Play plan is the compelling power of our Pay Plan and it is why you are going to have the Growth, the Momentum and the Retention needed to build a massive long-term Residual Monthly Income!

The Power Leg Pay plan allows you to earn a $10 Monthly Bonus, not just on personally sponsored members but ALL of the personally sponsored Shared members, sponsored by others no matter how many have been introduced to your network.

Discover how easy this UNIQUE concept will make you a fortune!

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