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USA Guanin Board.

Elias Severino Hernandez

Elias Severino Hernandez


Severino is the President and Founder of Guanín, dedicating nearly two decades of his time to improving his community. Guanín would not be where it is today without his vision, passion, and unyielding commitment.

Nick Arisco

Nick Arisco

Vice President

Nicholas Arisco is a doctoral student at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and helped build what is now UConn Bridge to Guanin. Nick's passion for improving population health together with his inspiration from the community of La Piedra, propels him to strive to meet community needs in whatever ways necessary.


Corbinian Wanner


Corbinian has been working with the Centro Cultural Guanin organization since the Fall of 2014. At first, as a participant on an annual service trip through the University of Connecticut Pre-Medical Society, which subsequently led to a trip leader position and led four trips of undergraduates to the community of La Piedra during his undergraduate tenure. In April of 2017, Corbinian joined the Guanin USA Board of Directors and has been managing the finances of the non-profit USA-based accounts since then. His passions lie in making Guanin a self-sustaining, economic powerhouse that can best serve the beautiful community of La Piedra for many years to come. 

Analyse Giordano


Analyse first started working with Guanin in 2016 while attending the University of Connecticut. Her work continued throughout her undergraduate career as she orchestrated student led trips to La Piedra. Upon graduating in 2020, Analyse joined the Guanin USA Board of Directors to continue sharing Guanin's mission at institutions with the goal of building multidisciplinary partnerships for Guanin across the country. As a future physician, she looks forward to continuously evolving her ability to meaningfully impact the health and wellness of La Piedra. Her passions reside in inspiring others to experience and share in the culture and love that the Guanin community has to offer. 

Rachel Tompson

Rachel Tompson


Rachel Thompson is a fourth year medical student and former leader of the UConn Bridge to Guanin alternative break. Her love for La Piedra motivates her to advocate for Centro Guanin and seek sustainable solutions to the problems faced by the community.

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